Krish Garden

The core purpose of kindergarten is to provide quality education in partnership with families, with and for all children in our care, in a safe, equitable, respectful and supportive surrounding where learning is co-constructed through play based curriculum that is challenging, rewarding relevant and inspiring Slowly but steadily kids are introduced to various concepts of learning through meaningful activities.  At Krish Garden we believe each child is perfect in an unusual way.  We just have to foster their potential & provide them the right platform.

Talent shows are organized periodically to bring out the innocent talent of the tiny tots.  As they move up from one level to the other children are encouraged to express their ideas, thoughts and their observations without any inhibition.

At Krish garden we have a staff abundant in enthusiasm, fairness, effectiveness, knowledge and patience and who develop a love of learning in children and who more importantly have a genuine affinity with children and treat them with empathy and respect.

Our vision is to develop and maintain a well resourced Kindergarten where all members of KG feel valued, safe and happy and are provided with the opportunity to achieve their full potential and Krish Garden will always strive hard to realize this.

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