Students past & present are what a school is all about. It is the students who create, sustain and enhance a school’s reputation during and beyond their school years.
We are proud of their success in the real world and happy that they are keen to contribute to the school in many meaningful ways.

LGS had a humble beginning in 2007 with 600 students and 25 teachers. Today, after 8 years LGS’s strength has grown to 1650 supported by 80 teaching faculty and 40 non-teaching staff.

As we welcome fresh students every year we also bid adieu to our cherished students who finish their schooling and move a step closer to realizing their dreams.

As on date we have around 600 students of LGS studying in various prestigious colleges in India and abroad.

LGS alumni is an indispensable part of LGS and in its success his LGS’s victory!!


SUBASHINI.I – 2014 Batch

We had a wonderful school days in Lakshmi Garden! School and teachers supported us in every step of acquiring knowledge.

HARSHINI.D – 2014 Batch
Pursuing: Architecture. (B.Arch)

Lakshmi garden! Proud to belong to such a noble and worthy institution. Six years constituting my school life at Lakshmi Garden are, without doubt, the best years of my life. Recollection of those memories brings a smile to my face.

Pursuing: Biotechnology in VIT university

Had a memorable stay in Lakshmi Garden. Will miss my school days always.

Pursuing: CA Course

Two years back when I entered the portals of this school I was wondering “Why God? Why?” and most of us just like me felt like a fish out of water. But today two years later I really feel that I’m blessed to have been here. Two years ago it was an entirely different atmosphere, different stream of education and different people with a difference of opinion it was hard for us to cope up. Teachers here were more of a friend who made us feel at home. They have taught us several lessons for life like adapting, sharing, unity etc.
Our Academic Director Mrs. Anandhee Rajendiran has guided us in the path of success. She has helped us in every way possible. She was not just our Academic Director but she was more like our mother. I still remember how she used to say what she had done for her daughters and how she wanted us to follow the same so that we could come out in flying colors. She has enriched us with lessons that she has learnt from her personal experiences also.
Lord Halifax once said “The man who masters the art of patience, masters everything else” and our Principal Mrs. Parveen Aslam is a living example for all of us. She was more of a friend to us than a principal. She was always ready to listen to all what we had to say no matter how trivial it was. Her special attention and personal care has really encouraged us to do our exams well.
It is said that scores define your future and your life. But our teachers here have taught us that it is the character that defines who you are. They have believed in us in times when even we didn’t believe in ourselves. Their belief gave us the drive we needed to venture into various activities and have helped us come through successfully.
All in all, Lashmi Garden has paved our road to success upon which we travel to reach our highest destinations.

SUBASHREE.S – 2014 Batch
Course Joined: MBBS
College :IRT Perundurai Medical College., Erode
MIR ZUHAIR ALI – 2014 Batch
Current Status: Aerospace engineering in Crescent Engineering Collage, Chennai.

School life is an important and memorable part of one’s life. Though I spent only 2 years(11th and 12th) in Lakshmi Garden, I feel like I spent my whole school life there. I feel that it is a perfect place to learn.
Marks and grades only help one to get into a good collage but discipline and other values learnt from school help one throughout life.
The thing I like the most about the school is the student friendly environment. I thank almighty God for giving me a chance to study in Lakshmi Garden and I also thank the school and my teachers for teaching me the beautiful values of life.

SOWMIYA.K – 2014 Batch
Course: M.B.B.S

Whenever anyone asks me what was the best and worst moments in your life the answer always zeroes down to the same place… yeah obviously it was my school life and the worst moment in my life was when I had grown up so old that I could no longer go to school… In Lakshmi Garden things changed for me. I had to give a speech on why I want to become the ASPL. Though I was a bit nervous I somehow scraped through that day… later so called Mr. Opportunity started buzzing my door bell many a times… and guess what I welcomed him with my arms wide open keeping in mind what Parveen mam had told me… “grab your opportunities before someone snatches them from you ” and yes I did grab every single of them… the timid me was now the bold me… I took part in every inter house activity. I gained experience .I was no longer an amateur. I took part in everything and sooner I became a pro… the stage became mine… Vaibhav was sneaking up… I took part in the English play which did become a hit that year… later I had to look upto my dream of becoming a doctor. The management supported me in all aspects to achieve my dream… becoming all geared up for boards. Lakshmi garden sure did Encourage me and stood behind me always making me shoot the ball right into the basket… And here I am sowmiya kumar of batch 2014 doing Medicine in Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Medical Sciences. And even today when I look out of the window during rains.. all that I wish for is my school days at Lakshmi Garden . To wrap this up I would like to say that my school life would always be etched to my heart.

SURBHI JAIN.K – 2014 Batch
At present doing Electronic and Instrumentation engineering (EIE)

A great school with fabulous teaching!!! A school in which teaches work hard to guide the students and help them to achieve their goals.

ANEES AHMED – 2013 Batch
Doing B.Sc. (Microbiology) at SIES College, Mumbai.

Published a research paper titled as
Published in International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR)
Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences Vol. 10, Issue 1 Ver. II (Jan-Feb 2015).
I joined Lakshmi Garden in the year 2011. It is the place where I learnt how to face this challenging and competitive world. Basically I wanted to be an efficient student in science and I became one because of my teacher of this school. I was constantly inspired and motivated by the teachers of Lakshmi Garden it is the place where the students are ushered in the right direction. Beyond academics it is the great place providing a great platform for all cultural and sports activities. Every year this institution is getting better and better as its motto Learning for Life. With pride I can say that this school gave me the best education. My salutes to all my teachers. I am sure Lakshmi Garden will continue to serve the student community for many more years!. My best wishes to my alma mater.

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