Lakshmi Garden’s cultural festival is a grand occasion and a place of convergence of immense caliber and talent. Vaibhav provides a wonderful platform not only to the best student but also to those who are talented but shy thereby encouraging all students to participate.

It is that time of the year in LGS where we LGSite take pride is showcasing the multi talents of our students who in the hand of the exemplary teachers are transformed into glittering diamonds from raw ones.

It is the time when art, talent, team work and passion convulge to create a stellar programme.  The enormous success and adulation that Vaibhav has received over the years has inspired and motivated LGS to go beyond excellence in terms of quality and stature of the event.

Vaibhav is devised and conceptualized by the talented and dedicated team of teachers who leave no stone unturned in presenting the student’s creative and artistic abilities.  Right from costumes, stage decoration to properties everything is meticulously planned supervised and executed.

At Lakshmi Garden we believe each child is special and each child is bestowed with a talent and this is brought to light through our annual cultural extravaganza – rightly named – Vaibhav. The celebration!  We indeed celebrate the success of our students every day! every moment!